Vitamins & Natural Medicines


More and more Australians are using vitamins and natural medicines to complement their busy lifestyles. Vitamins are essential for the growth and support of our body’s own immune system. Natural medicines involve a wide range of natural therapies that work on both body and mind in order to alleviate pain, improve overall health and assist with emotional conditions such as stress or anxiety.

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Our whole health philosophy means we bring you a diverse range of health solutions across traditional western and natural, alternate therapies. Where appropriate, we can recommend vitamins and natural medicines to assist with arthritis, pain, bone health, cramping, weight loss, allergies, eczema, and gastrointestinal complaints including reflux, IBS, constipation and diarrhoea – even cold and flu.

Some of the brands we stock include:

  • Bioceuticals
  • Blooms
  • Blackmores
  • Nature’s Way
  • Bioglan
  • Brauer
  • Ethical Nutrients
  • Martin & Pleasance
  • Nature’s Sunshine

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After a 25 year struggle with my weight, I lost 24KG
and dropped from a size 20 to size 14 with Impromy.

Beverley Sullivan


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